Hack for a cause

Use your skills for the greater good.

Promote and value ethical hacking

Ethical hacking contributes to improving the digital world and strengthens the security of each and every one of us. Hack4Values is committed to actively promote this practice, to raise awareness of its virtues and to defend the status of ethical hackers.

A new kind of donation

Hack4Values gives hackers a new way to donate: offering to NGOs a security weakness identified in their technologies, and which could have been used for malicious purposes.

By creating this new way of giving, our ambition is twofold. To offer NGOs the ability to deal with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, and to highlight the meaningful and benevolent role of security researchers.

In the long term, Hack4Values’ goal is to have the research of vulnerabilities recognized as a “classic” donation. Donations would be indexed to the value of the vulnerabilities observed by Hack4Values, and hackers could benefit from a tax reduction for each report submitted and validated.

How to volunteer for Hack4Values?

To date, Hack4Values’ pro bono programs are open to all security researchers who have passed the entrance tests of the Yogosha Strike Force, a private and selective community of ethical hackers created by Yogosha.

This selection ensures the talent and skills of ethical hackers who participate in the bug hunting programs of associations and NGOs, in order to guarantee them a majority of quality and actionable vulnerability reports.

Hack4Values may one day open its volunteer programs to the entire community of security researchers. If so, we will update these few lines.

I am the main point of contact for the technical teams of NGOs to accompany them in bug hunting, and in understanding and fixing vulnerabilities reported by the community of ethical hackers. Hack4Values enables me to use my skills to secure the data of NGOs, and thus contribute to protect the security of the organization, the volunteers and the donors.

Jules DuvivierEthical Hacker & CISO

Technology is growing exceptionally fast, and the cybersecurity field must keep pace. Being an offensive security hunter is an amazing experience, as we have the opportunity to discover potential vulnerabilities and fix them. Hack4Values allows ethical hackers to collaborate with non-profit organizations to provide them with the necessary security protection. It's a human experience after all.

Roni CartaEthical Hacker & Senior Security Engineer

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